Faye Majesca Abrihan y Ybanez



Almost a Senior.

To be honest I feel like I’m being watched like prey.

But I don’t run away from my problems. And I guess that’s one thing this experience has taught me the most.

On Monday, I finally let go of JTA. It’s been great, but I know I can’t live in the past. I refuse to be a prisoner of my past choices, most of all my mistakes. I’ve learned a lot along the way, more about myself than anything else. I learned a lot about friendship and hope, too. Things I’ll never forget. 

I would only want to let go of the products of my selfishness. The learning experiences during my time there were amazing and I would never want to forget that. 

Thank you to family and friends who have supported me during the past year. 

One more year before the real world. It’s time to move on.

Way Back Wednesdays

I just had the most amazing throwback of my Tumblr today.

I was such a drama queen. There were just too many feelings overflowing my blog. If there was a moment where I can say I’ve changed, it would be today. 2009 Faye is so much different than 2013, going 2014, Faye. Insane. That’s all I can say. Things were so much different back then, of course. But the amount of change is pretty drastic. I was such a hopeless romantic, the teenage novel kind, and I guess you could say pretty blind and guarded from reality too. I was speaking from the heart though, that’s one thing I can’t really deny. While I was reading my old rants, I sort of wished I could be that bold and brave again. I was fueled by immaturity and youth and it felt so honest. I wish I could say the same for now.

But then again I wonder what’s restricting me? Is it because I don’t wanna be judged? Cause I was judging 2009 Faye A LOT while I was reading back. Maybe?

Maybe. I’ll see what happens. Let’s test it out. I’ll try blogging like 2009 Faye again: bold and honest. Nothing more.

Italy 2013

Plotting the emotions of this holiday getaway would be one of the best roller coaster anyone would’ve ever ridden, including the flat line in the end. I lost my phone in the Milan Train Station an hour before we left for the airport. I was more disappointed than sad. 6 more weeks to stay in Europe and I was being so careful the past months. Just before going home I lose it. Just goes to show that there should never be time to be complacent, with anything.

The phone’s gone. I only pray for the person who got it and hope that the phone will help him/her with whatever it is he’s going through. 

On a lighter note, my 2007 Ixus camera will shine through my blogposts. :D Most of the pictures I’ll be posting for the Italy trip will be from the others. 

Rome - Florence - Pisa - Cinque Terre - Venice - Milan. 

To be updated soon!

To my life partner,

This girl is something else, I tell you. She’s been in my life for quiet some time and have seen the dark days of little old me. She never left and never gave up and I’m so proud of what she has become and what she has achieved today.

You’re far from the person you used to be and I’m privileged to watch you grow into the person you are now. I’m excited to grow old with you and I’m excited to go through those ups and downs with you too. I’ll never give up on you, love. Always keep that in mind. I’ll always be there to let you shine.

Don’t be afraid of the things that you haven’t explored yet cause even if I haven’t as well, we could explore them together. There’s a vast number of things that can be conquered in one lifetime and I hope we could go through this journey together.

You’re amazing at what you do and I know you’ll be amazing in whatever you want to do. Thank you for the years of friendship and I hope our forever to come will be twice as brilliant as the ones before. Know that you are loved and will be loved by the people around you and the people you have yet to meet. ;) 

Sending you sweet sweet love from 6700 miles away,

Happy Birthday my bug. ♥

Anonymous asked: You're a pretty great writer, even back in high school. :)

This is so sweet. Thank you so much. :) I try my best but I hope I can still write like before. Hope you can keep reading! :D

Young and Travelling

As I listen to my Responsible Human Resources teacher, which I will be doing for the next 5 hours, I came across this travel blog:

Travel While You’re Young


So far it’s been an amazing learning experience. School started a week after we got here and we’ve already been around Pau and Paris. Three weeks in and I’ve learned so much about living alone. Deciding how to allocate your budget for two weeks worth of grocery items, cutting down on “good food” choices, hand washing your clothes, cleaning your own bathroom and sweeping your own dorm. 

It’s so easy to lay back and relax when you’re back home in Manila but here if you lay back and relax you’ll find creepy crawlies around or find dust balls everywhere. As of today, let’s just say my room has seen better days but it’s on the right track. *self pat on the back*

On October 4, we’re set to leave for Munich, Germany for the Oktoberfest. It requires a lot of sacrifices but I can’t imagine missing such a festival. I’m really glad my parents are very supportive of my travelling. They’ve been travelling all their life for business trips and have both been OFWs once or twice. They know what I will learn on these trips. I’m very blessed to have this opportunity and sometimes pinching is still needed cause it still feels unbelievable.

I’m excited to get richer by travelling. :) And I can’t wait to write about it. 


Easy as 1, 2, 3: Farewell Manila, Hello Pau + Happy Birthday Mama Mary, Lourdes!

Honestly, it hasn’t been easy but we’ll skip those sad parts and focus on the positive!

Positive #1: I’m in Europe. I’m guessing that’s all the positive I need. 

We arrived in Pau, France on September 6, Friday. The weather was not too hot, not too cold. Didn’t have the need to bring a coat around so we just walked in the clothes we wore during the trip. Our tour guide and part of the their Office of International Relations, Claire (Bear), picked us up and brought us to our dorm where this happened:

There are endless amazing views here and I’m trying to figure out how to bring it to life in pictures but they just never do them justice. 

Saturday was city center day where we met Roberto, my love! He’s an amazingly patient and smile-y waiter who gave us a really amazing time. No french cuisine yet. It was tapas and chicken for lunch! 

(will post more pictures here soon)

Sunday was all about Lourdes and Mama Mary. It was nice to see a lot of Filipinos there actually! And yet again the view was majestic.

I’ll probably edit this again soon, but nonetheless, these pictures have already taken my breath away. 2904891028 more days to gooooo!

You’ve given me so much more to look forward to and so much more to live for.

Here’s to half a year, bubby. I love you! :)